Technical Documentation

GewässerCampus is part of an educational project on Limnology aiming to provide students the possibility to analyse, publish and discuss results of self-conducted measurements of water-quality in rivers and lakes. It is developed by desklab in cooperation with the RPTU and funded by the DBU.


This is a technical documentation intedned for developers, data scientits and administrators. If you are a teacher, student or citicen scientits, you can find a more detailed documentation on GewässerCampus.


Contributions in the form of reporting issues or submitting pull requests are welcome! Please use the available tools as described here to ensure your changes of the code could be merged. As this project addresses primarily a special group of users (students/teachers) and must retain compatibility to the software and devices developed by desklab (some of which may not be public yet), there may be some additional requirements, which can not be covered by automated tests. Therefore you should not hesitate to contact us via or by opening an issue, if you are planning to contribute to this project, such that we could discuss the best way to go forward. Submitted code changes are understood to be under the same license that covers the project.


The code used in this project (including the source of this documentation) is tracked in


GewässerCampus (gcampus) is licensed under the Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3. Its terms and conditions can be found in the LICENSE file.