Unstable versions / Staging environment#

Potentially unstable versions should be deployed to the staging environment ( first. Make sure to tag them accordingly (alpha, beta, rc) and set the checkbox for pre-release in the GitHub UI.


Make sure to check the following list before releasing a new major or minor version. You can use the fixture to import a dataset covering different combinations of courses, access keys, parameters, measurements, etc. into your local environment.

  • Check that the testsuite is passing.

  • Check that translations are up-to-date.

  • Check that all of the following actions work as intended.

    • Use the map to explore all measurements.

    • Register a new course.

    • Login & Logout with a course token.

    • Login & Logout with an access key.

    • Manage the access keys of a course through the course administration page.

    • Create a new measurement.

    • Edit an existing measurement.

    • Use a calibration to convert Optical Density to concentration.

    • Filter the list of measurements.

    • Filter the list of waters.

    • Download a measurement detail document.

    • Download a measurement list document.

    • Download a csv summary from the list of measurements.

Creating a new release#

Then follow these steps to create a new release:

  • Update version in gcampus/

  • Create git tag with version.

  • Commit and push to remote (including the tag).

  • Use the GitHub UI to create a release.

  • Wait for the Actions to complete, then check that deployment was successful.