class gcampus.core.models.Measurement(*args, **kwargs)#

Bases: DateModelMixin

The measurement model plays a central role in GewässerCampus. It aggregates measured values through the related field parameters. A user that is logged in with an gcampus.auth.models.AccessKey can create measurements. Their access key will be associated with the created measurement with the token field.

all_objects = <django.db.models.manager.Manager object>#

By default, objects should only return measurements that are not hidden. To get all measurements (e.g. in the admin interface), use this manager.


Additional comment (or ‘note’) for the measurement. Note that there is also a comment field in the Parameter model.


Hidden measurements appear to the user as being deleted. To avoid data loss, deleting a measurement will only mark is as hidden.

objects = <gcampus.core.models.measurement.HiddenManager object>#

The default manager without hidden measurements.

parameters: list#

Related field: List of all parameters associated with this measurement.

token: ForeignKey#

The token is used to link a measurement to a specific access key.

class gcampus.core.models.ParameterType(id, name, short_name, unit, identifier, category, color, lower_warning_limit, upper_warning_limit)#

Bases: Model

class gcampus.core.models.Parameter(id, created_at, updated_at, parameter_type, value, measurement, comment, hidden)#

Bases: DateModelMixin